Journal Of The Fortean Research Center Paperbound

Author: Ray Boeche
ISBN: 9781300025726
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The Fortean Research Center was founded in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1982. During the two decades of its existence, this volunteer group of researchers and investigators delved deep into the unexplained. Exploring events in Nebraska - and far beyond -that included ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot encounters, animal mutilations, government cover-ups, alleged alien abductions, psychic phenomena, cult activity, and even a sighting of a blob-like mystery creature the Fortean Research Center became recognized among members of the Fortean, paranormal, and UFO research communities around the world, as a reliable and trusted source of information. Here is the entire collection of the Journal of the Fortean Research Center, 23 issues in all. These publications are a reflection of their time, and demonstrate in many cases the beginning steps into subjects familiar to the public today: alleged UFO crashes and landings at government installations, alien abductions, cryptozoology and more.

The Ufo Bible

Author: Rafal Col
Publisher: Rafal Col
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The UFO Bible, Volume 1, is about everything you want to know about UFOs, and the background about them. Everything from organizations who deal with UFOs, Alien races, terminology, theories, conspiracies, what does religion tell us about UFOs, facts, than and now, UFO Design, plus so much more in this first volume of the UFO Bible!

Foundations Of Info Metrics

Author: Amos Golan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199349524
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Info-metrics is the science of modeling, reasoning, and drawing inferences under conditions of noisy and insufficient information. It is at the intersection of information theory, statistical inference, and decision-making under uncertainty. It plays an important role in helping make informeddecisions even when there is inadequate or incomplete information because it provides a framework to process available information with minimal reliance on assumptions that cannot be validated.In this pioneering book, Amos Golan, a leader in info-metrics, focuses on unifying information processing, modeling and inference within a single constrained optimization framework. Foundations of Info-Metrics provides an overview of modeling and inference, rather than a problem specific model, andprogresses from the simple premise that information is often insufficient to provide a unique answer for decisions we wish to make. Each decision, or solution, is derived from the available input information along with a choice of inferential procedure. The book contains numerous multidisciplinary applications and case studies, which demonstrate the simplicity and generality of the framework in real world settings. Examples include initial diagnosis at an emergency room, optimal dose decisions, election forecasting, network and informationaggregation, weather pattern analyses, portfolio allocation, strategy inference for interacting entities, incorporation of prior information, option pricing, and modeling an interacting social system. Graphical representations illustrate how results can be visualized while exercises and problem setsfacilitate extensions. This book is this designed to be accessible for researchers, graduate students, and practitioners across the disciplines.