Biophysics Of Consciousness

Author: Roman R Poznanski
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789814644273
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The problem of how the brain produces consciousness, subjectivity and "something it is like to be" remains one of the greatest challenges to a complete science of the natural world. While various scientists and philosophers approach the problem from their own unique perspectives and in the terms of their own respective fields, Biophysics of Consciousness: A Foundational Approach attempts a consilience across disparate disciplines to explain how it is possible that an objective brain produces subjective experience. This volume unites the crème de la crème of physicists, neuroscientists, and psychiatrists in the attempt to understand consciousness through a foundational approach encompassing ontological, evolutionary, neurobiological, and Freudian interpretations with the focus on conscious phenomena occurring in the brain. By integrating the perspectives of these diverse disciplines with the latest research and theories on the biophysics of the brain, the book tries to explain how consciousness can be an adaptive and causal element in the natural world.

Emotions Qualia And Consciousness

Author: Alfred W. Kaszniak
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789810241650
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The experience of emotion is a ubiquitous component of the stream of consciousness; emotional qualia interact with other contents and processes of consciousness in complex ways. Recent research has supported the hypothesis that important functional aspects of emotion can operate outside the conscious awareness. Primary types of emotions are found in animals, while secondary, more complex types are involved in interpersonal relationships. Emotions both influence genetic repair mechanisms of individuals and are responsible for group behavior. Many scholars and scientists believe that no scientific or philosophic account of consciousness can be complete without an understanding of the role of emotion.


Author: Bhupendra Maganlal Palan
Publisher: Concept Publishing Company
ISBN: 8180697274
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Papers presented at the National Conference on Hypnotherapy : the Therapy of New Millennium, held at Vadodara during 9-11 January 2009.


Author: Rodney Cotterill
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470854563
Size: 11.75 MB
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Biophysics is an evolving, multidisciplinary subject which applies physics to biological systems and promotes an understanding of their physical properties and behaviour. Biophysics: An Introduction, is a concise balanced introduction to this subject. Written in an accessible and readable style, the book takes a fresh, modern approach with the author successfully combining key concepts and theory with relevant applications and examples drawn from the field as a whole. Beginning with a brief introduction to the origins of biophysics, the book takes the reader through successive levels of complexity, from atoms to molecules, structures, systems and ultimately to the behaviour of organisms. The book also includes extensive coverage of biopolymers, biomembranes, biological energy, and nervous systems. The text not only explores basic ideas, but also discusses recent developments, such as protein folding, DNA/RNA conformations, molecular motors, optical tweezers and the biological origins of consciousness and intelligence. Biophysics: An Introduction * Is a carefully structured introduction to biological and medical physics * Provides exercises at the end of each chapter to encourage student understanding Assuming little biological or medical knowledge, this book is invaluable to undergraduate students in physics, biophysics and medical physics. The book is also useful for graduate students and researchers looking for a broad introduction to the subject.

Integrative Biophysics

Author: Fritz-Albert Popp
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789401703734
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Most of the specialists working in this interdisciplinary field of physics, biology, biophysics and medicine are associated with "The International Institute of Biophysics" (IIB), in Neuss, Germany, where basic research and possibilities for applications are coordinated. The growth in this field is indicated by the increase in financial support, interest from the scientific community and frequency of publications. Audience: The scientists of IIB have presented the most essential background and applications of biophotonics in these lecture notes in biophysics, based on the summer school lectures by this group. This book is devoted to questions of elementary biophysics, as well as current developments and applications. It will be of interest to graduate and postgraduate students, life scientists, and the responsible officials of industries and governments looking for non-invasive methods of investigating biological tissues.

Unified Field Mechanics

Author: Richard L Amoroso
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789814719070
Size: 16.20 MB
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Unified Field Mechanics, the topic of the 9th international symposium honoring noted French mathematical physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier cannot be considered highly speculative as a myopic critic might surmise. The 8th Vigier Symposium proceedings "The Physics of Reality" should in fact be touted as a companion volume because of its dramatic theoretical Field Mechanics in additional dimensionality. Many still consider the Planck-scale zero-point field stochastic quantum foam as the 'basement of reality'. This could only be considered true under the limitations of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory. As we enter the next regime of Unified Field Mechanics we now know that the energy-dependent Einstein–Minkowski manifold called spacetime has a finite radius beyond which a large-scale multiverse beckons. So far a battery of 14 experiments has been designed to falsify the model. When the 1st is successfully performed, a revolution in Natural Science will occur! This volume strengthens and expands the theoretical and experimental basis for that immanent new age. Contents:Foundational PhysicsSpecial and General RelativityAspects of Unified TheoriesQuantum Mechanics and Statistical MechanicsAstrophysics and CosmologyBiophysics and Consciousness Readership: This book is suitable for researchers as well as graduate students who are interested in Unified Field Theories. Keywords:Unified Field;Spacetime;Standard Models

Biophysics Of Computation

Author: Christof Koch
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195181999
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Neural network research often builds on the fiction that neurons are simple linear threshold units, completely neglecting the highly dynamic and complex nature of synapses, dendrites, and voltage-dependent ionic currents. Biophysics of Computation: Information Processing in Single Neurons challenges this notion, using richly detailed experimental and theoretical findings from cellular biophysics to explain the repertoire of computational functions available to single neurons. The author shows how individual nerve cells can multiply, integrate, or delay synaptic inputs and how information can be encoded in the voltage across the membrane, in the intracellular calcium concentration, or in the timing of individual spikes.Key topics covered include the linear cable equation; cable theory as applied to passive dendritic trees and dendritic spines; chemical and electrical synapses and how to treat them from a computational point of view; nonlinear interactions of synaptic input in passive and active dendritic trees; the Hodgkin-Huxley model of action potential generation and propagation; phase space analysis; linking stochastic ionic channels to membrane-dependent currents; calcium and potassium currents and their role in information processing; the role of diffusion, buffering and binding of calcium, and other messenger systems in information processing and storage; short- and long-term models of synaptic plasticity; simplified models of single cells; stochastic aspects of neuronal firing; the nature of the neuronal code; and unconventional models of sub-cellular computation.Biophysics of Computation: Information Processing in Single Neurons serves as an ideal text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in cellular biophysics, computational neuroscience, and neural networks, and will appeal to students and professionals in neuroscience, electrical and computer engineering, and physics.